Procedure Text


Author: Isni Risniani Afiani, S.Pd

October 9, 2021


When we are going to make something new or operate an object, sometimes we feel confused and doubtful, so we will find out the answer, for example by reading the product packaging and finding out the answer on the internet. When we read the text, we will be helped in solving the difficulties we get.

Actually, not everything in the work or manufacture of something requires written text or instructions in the work and construction but there are some activities or maybe also ways needed for a process to run well.

These stages are usually in the product packaging but when they are not in the product packaging we can look for references on the internet, The stages of working on and operating the text in question are the following procedure text is an explanation of the procedure text.

A procedure text is a text that contains stages in doing an activity, making an object or it can be a work and operating an object. The text of this procedure aims to help readers or listeners in working on an activity, making an object or work and operating an object so that it is easier to work with and does not experience errors.

The procedure text not only contains the stages but in the procedure text there are materials and tools needed so that the process can run properly. To help the readers, usually the text of this procedure has a numbering system, the readers must follow the process starting from no. 1,2, 3 to completion or it can also be by using firstly, secondly etc.

In the text of the procedure usually uses imperative sentences or printed sentences such as: open, close, put, add, stir etc. there are also connecting words such as: next, then, while etc. and Adverbs to clarify the stages passed such as: carefully, slowly, for 3 minutes etc.

Here are the types of text types of procedures

  1. Procedure text that describes the way

The text procedure that explains how to operate an object requires accuracy because if only one stage is missed usually the object will not run according to its functionality, Examples of text procedures that explain the way are How to use mini digital scale, how to usr thermometer etc.

  1. Procedure text that provides instructions

Procedure teks that provide instruction in carrying out activities for example: How to make an organic mask, hot to make ginger instant etc. for this text procedure usually requires materials and tools so that this process can run well and must also pay attention to each process in order to produce a good product.

  1. Procedure text relating to us tips on living life.

Procedure text that relates to us we live life. Mislanya How to be successful in life, how to make yourself happy etc. For this text procedure we read the stages in the process and usually we don’t need materials and tools.